Is interior decorating with style possible on a tight budget?

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Splashing out on the interior of your home with a millionaire’s budget would be a dream come true; however, most of us can’t afford luminous chandeliers or Carrera marble for a kitchen counter top! All the same, enhancing your interior with limited funds can be achieved with amazing results. It’s true: interior decorating with style is possible on a tight budget. Luckily, adding pizazz to your home’s interior will not require the skills of a professional. Give your home an impressive upgrade with the DIY interior decorating tips below.

Interior Decorating With Style on a Budget

Upgrade With Paint

Paint is probably the cheapest and most fundamental way to enhance the interior of your home. Color cost practically nothing! You can expect spectacular results when you lay hand-to-brush if you do it properly. A fresh coat of paint will make your living room sparkle and your kitchen cabinets look like new. Don’t be shy about going high. Painting your ceiling a contrasting hue will give any room an instant boost. Try shades of pastels like soft-mint or go dark with a bluish-gray tone.

Be Bold and Mix It Up

Check flea markets for super deals. You’ll find authentic accent pieces like pillows made from damask materials, unique embroidered linens including chenille bed spreads, or even an Aubusson tapestry. Mix these authentic pieces with contemporary objects or furnishings. Feeling venturesome? Take industrial elements like an aluminum lampshade and contrast it with vintage furnishings you found on the cheap for a superior effect.

Let There Be Light!

Lighting is an extremely versatile feature. Utilize dimmers for a laid-back ambiance, recess lighting adds interest and atmosphere, and task lighting is great for an office area. Other lighting ideas include pendant lamps, flush mount lights, or whatever you desire. The world is your oyster and it all comes at a budget price.

Windows With a View

Ideas for low-cost window treatments are boundless. The trick is to “think outside the box.” Vichy fabric is inexpensive and looks great as kitchen curtains, runners, or even place mats. Give roller shades an instant update by attaching self-adhesive wallpaper for a wow affect. Durable drop cloth is fantastic for long dramatic drapes. Austere white fabrics are great as a blank canvas for any screen print project. As an alternative choice, leave your windows au natural. Just be sure to keep them pristine and lucent.

Just Go For It!

There is no need to purchase new items to transform your home into a savvy habitat. Look around to see what you have that is usable. Refurbish that dull dresser into a shabby-chic design. Do you have a collection of special books, photographs, vases, pillows, or other items? Show off your collection by displaying them collectively. Displaying items in groups is a little known interior design technique that is a proven attention-grabber. Fill a large jar with a string of lights for knockout radiance. The impact is awesome and works well in any room. It all depends on your mood. If you prefer a calm ambiance, paint an accent wall in a light sky blue shade, or place seashells and flora on your coffee table. How about hanging a triptych (pronounced triptik) on your wall? This trio concept of paneled art can be used as a dynamic point of interest. Any photo will do. Simply have it enlarged, cut it into three rectangular pieces, and frame it. Don’t be shy, just go for it!

A Little Bit Can Go a Long Way

Though high-ticket interior design makes use of costly fabrics and finishes, there is always a less expensive alternative that will make your home blossom with the quality of a professional.

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