Can you use Christmas Carols to make New Year's predictions?

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Predicting the future is intriguing. Never an easy task, people glance at horoscopes, consult tarot cards, and peek at the tea leaves in their cups. They visit palm readers and gaze into crystal balls in an effort to gain insight into what the future holds for them. Few, however, know that Christmas Carols have long been used as tools to make predictions for the coming year. This Christmas season is the perfect opportunity to use the ancient art of "Carol-ology" to gaze into your own future. Founded on old Christmas Carol wisdom & musical history, Carol-ology may provide you with the information you seek as you make choices and plans for the coming year. Held in high esteem by elves, carolers, Santa, and mystics worldwide, Carol-ology may be just what you've been looking for to see into your own future.

Anyone can use Carol-ology. It's simple. Just choose your favorite Christmas Carol from the list below:

Jingle Bells

Silent Night

Little Drummer Boy

Joy to the World

If you chose Jingle Bells...

Your lucky number for 2017 will be 3 or 67.

You'll spend more time in water and less time in the car.

It will be your year to try a new adventure sport, possibly in the mountains.

You'll see more than 27 gorgeous sunsets.

You will not win the lottery but your best friend will surprise you in the fall.

You'll learn to make perfect lasagne, paint a portrait of your family, and carve wooden fruit.

Jimmy Buffet will become your new passion.

If you chose Silent Night...

Your lucky number will be 20 or 11.

You'll spend many glorious afternoons with a book on a blanket in the sun.

It will be your year to spend time creating a bucket list.

You'll see more than 14 shooting stars.

You will not win the lottery, but you will make a new friend.

You'll learn to make homemade fudge, sing a calypso song, and plant an herb garden.

Fly fishing will become your new passion.

If you chose Little Drummer Boy...

Your lucky number will be 6 or 88.

You'll spend hours outside hiking in the woods.

It will be your year to clean up and clean out, possibly donating tons of stuff to charity.

You'll see 3 rousing thunderstorms.

You will not win the lottery, but you’ll have a great time with loved ones.

You'll learn take shorthand, change the oil in your car, and fry the perfect french fry.

Bird watching will become your new passion.

If you chose Joy to the World...

Your lucky number will be 40 or 7.

You'll spend some serious beach time looking for cool rocks or shells.

It will be your year to learn a new skill, possibly taking tango or tap lessons.

You'll see 17 fabulous sunrises.

You will not win the lottery, but you will fulfill one lifelong dream.

You'll learn to make sushi, tie balloon animals, and bowl left handed.

The harmonica will become your new passion.

And there you have it...Carol-ology, the art of using Christmas Carols to predict everything you need to know about 2017.

If you have any additional questions maybe you could go back & take another look in that crystal ball.

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