What is the bare necessities you need to know to start sewing?

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When learning to sew it is very easy to get bogged down in the terminology and equipment. Often, those eager to learn sewing get scared off by the roar of the sewing machine motor and the sharp needle rising quickly and accelerating down to pierce the fabric before rising once more. However, one really doesn't need all that to learn how to sew. The bare necessities of sewing are these. You need a needle, thread, fabric and some device for cutting, preferably scissors.

Step 1 - Take the thread and make sure the end is smooth and pointy.

Step 2 - Take your needle, line the tiny hole at top up with your thread and carefully put the thread through the hole.

Step 3 - Hang onto the needle and thread for dear life as you pull the thread farther through.

Step 4 - Pull through as much thread as you think you will need for your project. Generally a good starts is about 2 feet.

Step 5 - Unwind enough thread from the spool to match the amount of thread you have pulled through the needle.

Step 6 - Cut the thread next to the spool.

Step 7 - Carefully take your two ends of the thread (with the needle still hanging at the middle) and hold them together between your fingers.

Step 8 - Carefully wind the two pieces of thread around your pointer finger several times.

Step 9 - Using your thumb, carefully push the wound thread off your pointer finger while rolling the threads together.

Step 10 - Carefully tighten the knot that appears.

Congratulations! You have successfully threaded your first needle!

Now we start sewing! First you must decide what you are trying to do with the fabric and thread. Are you making a hem (folding in an edge of the fabric to protect it against fraying)? Or are you making a seam (a method of connecting two pieces of fabric)? Or, perhaps you are wanting to mark out the beginnings of an embroidery design. Regardless of your intent, the method of sewing them is basically the same.

Step 1 - From the underside of your fabric, poke the needle through at the beginning of your hem, seam, or design and carefully draw it upwards until the knot reaches the fabric.

Step 2 - About a quarter to a half an inch away from where your thread emerges, poke your needle back into the fabric along your hem, seam, or design.

Step 3 - Draw it carefully through the fabric until you have brought the entire length of thread through the hole except that taken up by the stitch.

Step 4 - Repeat this process back and forth until you have about 4 inches left of thread.

Step 5 - On the underside of your project, carefully make tiny stitches in and out of the last official stitch. After 3 or 4 of these micro stitches, put your needle through one of the micro stitches and hold it there for a minute.

Step 6 - Loop your thread around the needle so that when you pull the needle through and pull the thread tight, it will form a knot. Repeat this several times.

Step 7 - Cut the remaining thread and needle away from your project.

Congratulations! You have just sewn your first sewing project with the bare necessities!

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